rebel necklace - orange
rebel necklace - rhodonite and tigereye
rebel necklace - amethyst
rebel necklace - rhodonite
renegade necklace - dark multi mix
renegade necklace -orange and turquoise mix
renegade necklace -dark neutral mix
renegade necklace - white and mint mix
Peach and brown riot necklace
Pop of pink riot necklace
Sunshine riot necklace
Green and neutrals riot necklace
Turquoise rockstar earrings
rockstar hoops - yellow impression and dalmatian jasper
rockstar hoops - mookaite and impression jasper
rockstar hoops - RS-H-09-ER
roots bracelet - RT-027-BR
roots bracelet - RT-025-BR
roots bracelet - RT-023-BR
roots bracelet - RT-019-BR
roots collar - RT-C-010-NL
roots collar - RT-C-006-NL
roots collar - RT-C-004-NL
roots collar - RT-C-003-NL
roots necklace - RT-03-NL
roots necklace - RT-01-NL
roots necklace - RT-005-NL
roots necklace - RT-004-NL
purple agate solo necklace
Chinese chrysoprase solo necklace
Chinese chrysoprase solo necklace
Chinese chrysoprase solo necklace
custom therapy bracelet stack - TH-3X-01-BR
roots custom curated bracelet stack - BR-001-BR
$50 gift certificate
itty bitty studs - TRIO-02-ER
strut necklace - amethyst and neutrals
Strut necklace - pink, green and gold
strut necklace - white and grey
custom therapy bracelet stack - TH-3X-01-BR
custom therapy bracelet stack - TH-3X-02-BR
custom therapy bracelet stack - TH-3X-07-BR
custom therapy bracelet stack - TH-3X-06-BR
white, blue and turquoise uptown necklace
white, cedar and aqua uptown necklace
olive jade and blue uptown necklace
purple and peach uptown necklace
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