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I want all of my customers to be beyond thrilled with their tweak purchases. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form below. You can also check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.  I may have already answered your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is everything lopsided?

A: Well, in design speak, we call this characteristic asymmetry. I often find asymmetry very aesthetically pleasing. So it's lopsided because I intended it that way.


Q: Are the flowers really real?

A: Yes. All the resin coated flowers in the bloom collection are real specimens. Some have been colour enhanced, but the natural shape and beauty have been preserved.


Q: How long will the preserved flower last?

A: Barring breakage and other extreme circumstances, the resin coated flowers will last indefinitely. Although an unscientific finding, the oldest specimen we have is 13 years old and still looking fabulous.


Q: What if I break my bloom?

A: Although preserved, the flowers in the bloom collection are not invincible. They are about as delicate as glass and should be treated with care. In cases where blooms have broken, they generally make a clean break and a strong adhesive, carefully applied, can give them new life. Be sure to use an adhesive that dries clear, such as Krazy Glue.


Q: Can you tell me how you preserve the flowers?

A: No. I do not preserve the flowers on site.  I'm not particularly interested in fooling with resin! I have an outside source that deals with the compounds, resins and all the jazz required to make a natural flower timeless. I request the species, colour and size and they get it done.  They also hold all the trade secrets. I can say the flowers are dried in silica sand and dipped with multiple coats of resin.


Q: I have sensitive skin; will your jewelry irritate it?

A: I can't say for sure, as this is a very subjective matter. I can say that all of our earwires are sterling silver or gold-filled wire or stainless-steel posts unless otherwise stated. Chains are silver plated or antiqued brass plated, lead and nickle-free. Findings and charms are often made of mixed metals (alloys) and coated with precious metals. I cannot guarantee whether or not your skin will react to our accessories. If you are concerned, you are welcome to inquire about a specific item and I can get the details to you (as I know them).


Q: I love some of your pieces, but I am afraid I can't pull it off!.

A: Trust me, you can. If you love it, you can rock it. Just wear your tweak accessory with confidence and wear it because you love it.


Q: The bloom collection is so tropical and I live in Canada. Can I wear it with my winter wardrobe?

A: Of course you can! And you can also wear white after Labour Day and boots in July. Fashion rules are made to be broken. What better way to brighten up a dreary winter day than with a bright tropical bloom? Of course, they do look fabulous in summer and on vacation as well.


Q: Will the v-shaped earwires fall out of my ears?

A: That's debatable. Some people seem to have a perpetual problem with earrings falling out. If that is you, they probably will. If you generally don't have that problem, you should be fine.  If you are worried about losing your earrings, rubber earring stoppers can help. You can also gently bend the earwires to sit a little tighter on your earlobe.


I hope this helps!


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