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Every piece of tweak jewelry is one of a kind. Our designer pays close attention to every stone, bead and component that she puts together. If there is a particular component or colour combination that you don't see, but must have, feel free to send an email inquiry to

Please be aware that I do not offer a "you design the piece and I make it" service. You will have to leave the bulk of the design to the designer. I am confident that I can make your jewelry dreams come true (within reason). I do reserve the right to decline a custom request as I see fit. 

Let's say you saw a piece you were in love with at Tweak Boutique on Tuesday and then when you came back to buy it on Thursday, horror of horrors, it's gone! If you can give me the item number or the picture you saved to admire later, I will try my best to make something similar (but definitely not the same) for you. If it is within the realm of our regular designs, this will likely not cost you anything extra. If it requires additional work or materials, there may be a small fee. You will be quoted before you purchase. Sadly, some of the materials are limited and I may not be able to get more. Should that be the case, I will make some suggestions that I think might tickle your fancy just as much- hopefully more! 

Not all flowers are suitable for the type of preservation we use. Feel free to ask, but if we do not have the type of bloom you are looking for, it is probably not suitable for the process. Some colours are difficult to achieve as well. Again, asking doesn't hurt, but if you don't see it anywhere at tweak boutique, chances are we are not able to get it right just yet.


Bridal Jewelry

We would be delighted if you'd like to be tweak'd for your big day. If one of our styles has caught your eye for your special day, we'd love to help you out. Please be aware that I am working with many natural materials (flowers, stones, and wood) and sizes, patterns and colours cannot always be dictated. I do all I can to make sure the photos I show you are as true to life as possible, but different monitors will display colours in different ways. Please be aware of possible discrepancies and allow enough time to get it right. 

If you would like your bridesmaids to be tweak'd we think that's swell! But because of the one of a kind nature of our pieces, no two will be exactly alike. We think it adds to the charm and hope you will too.




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