goddess necklace -GD-001-NL
goddess necklace -GD-003-NL
goddess necklace -GD-004-NL
goddess necklace -GD-006-NL
groove necklace - GR-027-NL
groove necklace - GR-026-NL
groove necklace - GR-025-NL
groove necklace - GR-023-NL
tiered necklace - GR-T-07-NL
tiered necklace - GR-T-06-NL
tiered necklace - GR-T-05-NL
tiered necklace - GR-T-04-NL
hooked necklace - HK-012-NL
itty bitty studs - TRIO-02-ER
itty bitty studs - IB-017-ER
itty bitty studs - IB-006-ER
itty bitty studs - TRIO-04-ER
messenger necklace - MS-09-NL
messenger necklace - MS-15-NL
rebel necklace - RB-044-NL
messenger necklace - MS-01-NL
messenger necklace - MS-01-NL
messenger necklace - MS-19-NL
messenger necklace - MS-14-NL
messenger necklace - MS-11-NL
Amethyst, moss agate and coral mingle necklace
Dalmatian jasper, moss agate and yellow jade mingle necklace
Orange, teal and tigereye mingle necklace
Black, burgundy and purple mingle necklace
mini rockstar necklace - RS-M-010-NL
mini rockstar necklace - RS-M-042-NL
mini rockstar necklace - RS-M-041-NL
mini rockstar necklace - RS-M-040-NL
mixer bracelet - MX-016-BR
more than a mask chain - amethyst, peach druse and chrysoprase
more than a mask chain - lapis lazuli and burgundy
more than a mask chain (silver)- turquoise, peach and palmwood
more than a mask chain (silver)- amethyst, kunzite and charoite
posie earrings - PS-004-ER
quintet necklace - QT-39-NL
quintet necklace - QT-35-NL
quintet necklace - QT-32-NL
quintet necklace - QT-31-NL
rebel necklace - RB-049-NL
rebel necklace - RB-048-NL
rebel necklace - RB-045-NL
bubble gum mix renegade necklace
colour pop mix renegade necklace
neutral mix with pop of pink renegade necklace
camo and pink renegade necklace
Sunshine riot necklace
Green and neutrals riot necklace
Black and neutral riot necklace
Pop of pink riot necklace
rockstar hoops - RS-H-09-ER
rockstar hoops - RS-H-05-ER
rockstar hoops - RS-H-04-ER
rockstar hoops - RS-H-01-ER
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