confetti necklace - black mix
confetti necklace - light neutral mix
confetti necklace - turquoise mix
confetti threader earrings - tigereye and lapis lazuli
confetti threader earrings - turquoise and moonstone
confetti threader earrings - dark multi
confetti threader earrings - lavender

You are fabulous!

You deserve to express yourself, take up space, show people who you are. My hope is that a piece of tweak can help you do all those things!

Every piece of tweak jewelry is unique - just like you.

To help celebrate the strength of
people who are affected by breast cancer and support the breast cancer
movement, I’m releasing a special line of Crush earrings. Featuring two morsels
of rough cut, unpolished pink rose quartz, each pair of Crush earrings is
unique in shape and pattern. Although the pairs are chosen to go together, they
will never be exactly alike. For each pair of rose quartz Crush Earrings sold,
$10 will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer

rose quartz crush earrings - sterling silver
rose quartz crush earrings - gold vermeil
goddess necklace - turquoise and magenta
goddess necklace - yellow and purple
goddess necklace - turquoise, green and orange
goddess necklace -GD-001-NL
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