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Caring for Your Tweak Accessories

All tweak accessories should be handled with care. To keep your jewelry looking great, protect jewelry from perspiration, chemicals, water, sunlight and extreme temperatures.  Chlorine & your skin's PH can severely discolour and/or damage your jewelry. It's best to put jewelry on after using cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes to avoid contact with substances which may cause damage, discolouration, fading, or dulling.  Storing each piece separately is a good idea, this saves you from tangles and possible damage.  The boxes or pouches that you received your pieces in are ideal. 

In the case of the real flower components of the bloom collection, the resin preservation is durable, however it is not unbreakable. While not being worn, your bloom pieces should be stored by themselves in a rigid box. When being worn, bloom necklaces are usually just fine, however, do make sure that if you are wearing a seatbelt, jacket or coat, it is not crushing your bloom. The bloom is waterproof and can be cleaned at any time with a damp cloth. However, the rest of the piece (metal components, stones, etc.) are not waterproof. Water may damage them. So be gentle. 



In the unfortunate but not unheard of event that your Tweak accessory is damaged beyond your own personal repair skills, do not hesitate to contact us. We cannot promise that everything is able to be fixed, but most pieces just require some time and simple tools. When you send us your request, please attach a photo or two and describe how the piece was damaged. Most repairs will not cost you anything, but in the event that we have to replace stones, flowers or other major components, a material fee may be required. We will send you a quote and you can decide your next move. If you chose to proceed, you will have to cover the shipping costs.

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