agate eye catcher - impression jasper and crystal


It’s just a pretty little something to catch your eye now and again.  A slice of agate and some sparkly bits, an eye catcher can be hung on your Christmas tree, in the window, from your rearview mirror or anywhere you want to bring a little moment of beauty to your life and surroundings. 

  • You will receive a tag listing the stones and elements featured in your eye catcher.
  • A suction cup for hanging on glass and a chain for ease in other situations is included.
  • Agate slices range from 50-80 mm in length.
  • Bright agate colours (pink, blue, purple) are dyed and can fade over the years.
  • Using your eye catcher as a key chain or purse charm is gorgeous, but do be aware that it’s about as fragile as glass and is not indestructible.
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