demi goddess necklace - GD-D-011-NL

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The demi goddess necklace is sure to charm anyone in your path. Not quite as large as the Goddess necklace, the streamlined demi features the same eclectic combination of stones and beads. Wear it over a high necklace or nestled above your favourite V-neck!

Along with your demi goddess necklace, you’ll receive a tag listing the stones and elements used in your necklace. Each necklace features a unique collection of stones and elements. This one boasts white howlite, sesame jasper and crystal quartz to name a few. Take a look at our current selection or contact tweak to place a custom order.

The demi goddess necklace is finished with a gold coloured chain lobster clasp.

  • Necklace measures approximately 500mm (19 inches) at its minimum length, and 60mm (23 1/2 inches) at its maximum length.
  • Central bead drops approximately 55 mm.
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