asymmetrical pendant necklace - 001-NL

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Asymmetrical Pendant

Keep everyone off balance with the Asymmetrical Pendant necklace. Featuring a harmonious collection of coordinating natural stones and beads, the Asymmetrical Pendant is finished with a chunky antiqued brass chain and a front-mounted toggle clasp. 

Along with your Asymmetrical Pendant necklace, you’ll receive a tag listing the stones and elements used in your necklace- lapis lazuli pendant, green zebra jasper, tigereye and a blue/green crystal.

The Asymmetrical Pendant necklace is finished with a chunky antiqued brass plated chain and front-mounted toggle clasp. 

  • Necklace measures approximately 620mm (24 1/2 inches) in length.
  • Pendant drops approximately 60mm.
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