special edition chrysocolla threader earrings - silver


These special edition Chrysocolla threader earrings are on a mission to support people living with breast cancer. For every pair sold, $10 will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and advocating for people worldwide who are affected by breast cancer. 

I chose chrysocolla (even though it's not pink) for it's vibrant and dynamic colouring. It varies from light blue to turquoise to emerald to cobalt and looks fabulous on EVERYONE! If you like your stones to have a vibe, this one is said to be healing, calming, and reduce anxiety.

Both elegant and delicate, these chrysocolla threader earrings are so light-weight and comfortable, you might forget they are there! Four micro faceted stones dangle from a slim snake chain that threads right through your earring hole.  Just pull it through to your perfect length.

  • Stones measure 3-4 mm in diametre and are micro faceted. Stones are natural and colours and marking will vary from the stock photos.
  • Earrings measure approximately 100 mm in length from end to end, but the fold over will allow you to adjust.
  • Earring posts and chain are made of 925 sterling silver plated with rhodium which makes them hypoallergenic and reduces tarnishing.
  • Optional silicone stoppers are included in case you are worried about wearing a threader style earring.

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